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What is Google Wifi? Google Wifi UK release date, price, features and specifications

google wifi

If you’ve ever played around with Powerline and Wi-Fi extenders in an effort to make your wireless signal reach all the way through your home, new Google Wifi is the product for you. Here we explain what is Google Wifi and why you want it, plus outline the Google Wifi UK release date, price, features and specifications.

google wifi
What is Google Wifi? Google Wifi features

Built on the strengths of OnHub, Google Wifi is in essence a series of mini wireless routers that all talk to each other and can be scattered across the home to ensure a strong and fast wireless signal in every room.

Google designed Wifi to be able to support multiple devices at once, and to withstand high-bandwidth activities such as streaming video and gaming.

You can buy Google Wifi points in packs of one or three, enabling you to keep adding to your setup if you have a large home. Google recommends using one point in a small house or flat measuring between 500- and 1500 square feet, two in a medium house measuring between 1500- and 3000 square feet, and three in a large home between 3000- and 4500 square feet.

Google Wifi uses mesh Wi-Fi, with each Google Wifi point creating a high-powered connection and able to determine the best path for your data. Other alternatives include Powerline, which uses the electrical wiring in your home to create a simple but fast, wired network that connects adapters in rooms away from your Internet router; see our Best Powerline Adapter round up and What is Powerline feature.

google wifi

If you want manual options they are available through a companion app for Android and iOS, but for those who don’t Network Assist technology takes the hard work out of optimising your router basically by doing it for you. It will ensure your Wi-Fi is operating on the clearest channel, and it will continue to optimise your Wi-Fi no matter which room of the house you are in. Network Assist can even tell you where best to place a Google Wifi point or advise you to adjust your broadband tariff.

A cool feature of Google Wifi is that at any point you can pause the Wi-Fi connection on a given connected device, such as the kids’ tablets when you want them to come down for dinner. You can also see how much bandwidth these devices are using and prioritise particular devices over others.

Google Wifi supports wireless encryption, verified boot and auto updates, keeping security and user privacy as high priorities.
Google Wifi UK release date, price: When is Google Wifi coming out?

The Google Wifi UK release date has not yet been confirmed, though we were told at the launch that Google hoped it would be coming soon. In the US Google Wifi is available to pre-order from November, and will cost $129 for a single pack and $299 for a pack of three.

google wifi

When available, you’ll be able to pre-order Google Wifi here.

We discussed the Google event right after it happened on our podcast. Listen here:

Google Wifi specifications Connectivity

• AC1200 2×2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi

• Expandable mesh Wi-Fi

• Simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) supporting 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

• TX Beamforming

• Bluetooth Smart Ready

• 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports per point (can be configured as WAN or LAN)


• Automatic security updates

• Infineon SLB 9615 trusted platform module

Google Wifi Core hardware

• 710MHz Quad-core processor


• 4GB eMMC flash storage

• 15W power adaptor

• White plastic build

• 106.12×68.75mm

• 340g

Google’s new acquisition makes building chatbots easier

google headquarters provides services to help developers build intelligent, interactive services

On Monday, Google took a shot at Facebook’s chatbot-building services  with its acquisition of, a company that helps developers build and improve conversational interfaces for their services. has more than 60,000 developers using its platform to create conversational user interfaces for apps like Slack, Facebook Messenger and Kik. Its tools make it easier for programs to parse human language and translate it into action. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Doodle 4 Google Logo

The company offers a vast suite of capabilities for natural language understanding, including pre-defined knowledge packages known as Domains, which make it easier for assistants to understand a variety of common requests any additional coding.

In addition to its offerings for developers, also operates Assistant, an intelligent chatbot of its own that has more than 40 million users.

“Joining Google will allow us to accelerate improvements to the platform and service our growing developer community in ways we’ve always dreamed,” CEO Ilya Gelfenbeyn said in a press release. “With Google’s knowledge, infrastructure and support, we can make sure you get access to the best available technologies and developments in AI and machine learning.”

Google is no stranger to creating natural language interfaces. The company recently launched a Cloud Natural Language API that lets users take advantage of natural language parsing capabilities built at Google.

The news comes a few months after Google announced Ello, an upcoming chat app that will let users bring bots into a conversation alongside human participants. The app isn’t available yet, but may give developers an added incentive to build for it.

Technology titans have been investing heavily in developing tools for building chatbots. Facebook acquired last year to provide similar functionality for its own bot-building capabilities. On Sunday, Oracle announced new tools for building bots across a variety of chat services, too.