What is the Best WiFi Antenna Setup for a RV or Trailer?

It is a challenge to get a good WiFi signal while traveling in a RV or trailer
To get online but most antennas and wireless setups are built for a home which don’t work well in a RV, there is a WiFi access point in many sites.

You can use many options to getting a better signal, even DIY projects can be done with many YouTube videos showing these methods.

What it all comes down to is having a good long range antenna that can pick up a signal from a distance and rebroadcast it within your camper or RV.

There are some good setups for this including some older units such as Alfa R36 which works with a USB WiFi dongle to get good range.

While the Alfa R36 is a good option it has began to show its age and is not that easy to setup.

A new long range wireless setup from simpleWiFi has really improved from other setups with incredible range and ease of installation.

The Long Range WiFi Hotspot Repeater kit from simpleWiFi comes with everything needed for the install. Including the antenna, hotspot repeater, 50 feet of Ethernet cable, and other accessories.
what is the best wifi antenna set up for a rv or trailer 2016

The main component that makes the kit powerful is the 15 dBi high gain omni-directional antenna.
what is the best wifi antenna set up for a rv or trailer 2016
The antenna should be place as high as possible to get the best clear line of site to the access point location. Proper elevation and environmental factors really come into play with how good a signal you will get.

So for example if your in a campground getting the antenna pointed to the wireless internet access point with the least amount of obstacles such as trees is best.

The kit comes with a 50 foot Ethernet cable but 100 feet of cable can be used with almost no loss from the antenna.

The Ethernet cable is fed into a router which rebroadcast the boosted signal to any wireless devices within your camping setup.

The antenna is basically a big wireless booster which in combination with the router gives any wireless device you have a good signal.

The router rebroadcast on a private network with its own security so only you will be able to connect, unless you give your password to another user.

The setup is easy enough by connecting the Ethernet cable to the antenna.
what is the best wifi antenna set up for a rv or trailer 2016
It is waterproof with a boot that goes over the Ethernet cable to protect it from weather.

Bolts hold the assembly together on a pole to mount it in the best location.
what is the best wifi antenna set up for a rv or trailer 2016
The booster screws directly into the antenna.

A nice thing about the SimpleWiFi setup is no coaxial cable is used. Most kits use coaxial which works but has some signal loss for a wireless signal. Since the booster and antenna have no coaxial this helps with as little signal loss as possible.

The Ethernet cable has its own power so anything less than 100 feet would see almost no loss.

The setup also is very easy with no need to look at IP addresses or any of the things older setups required.

To talk to the network a device such as a laptop is connected to setup a WiFi password and broadcast ID, much the same as any home router is setup.
what is the best wifi antenna set up for a rv or trailer 2016
After a device connects to a router using a Browser you will be able to connect to which ever access point is available.

So for example a campground may give you a URL to go to such as www.campground.net which would than have a page that ask for a username and password.

After that you would be online and be internet ready.

The SimpleWiFi Long Range WiFi antenna kit really is a nice option to have in a RV or trailer.

Of course older long range units can also be good with a bit more of a setup and installation.

A nice thing about older packages is the price has come down making them ideal for a tech savvy person to save money.

One such unit is the Alfa R36 802.11 b/g/N Repeater and Range Extender which works in combination with their USB wireless adapters, but many more are available.

As with any setup there is always some degree of skill required to install a unit.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure it is the right fit for you.



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