Review : New TP-link Talon AD7200 Wireless AD Router

Speed up to 4.6Gbps @60GHz

TP-link Talon AD7200 is designed based on the latest wireless 802.11AD standard, a three band router with total bandwidth up to 7200Mbps. The router delivers speed up to 800Mbps @2.4GHz band, and up to 1,733Mbps @5GHz band plus the new blazing speed up to 4.6Gbps @60GHz band.

What this product does

The model design of TP-link Talon AD7200 is exactly the same as the current AC5400 product – the TP-link AC5400 router, solid flat body with eight external antennas that can be folded inward. Or it is similar model with TP-link Archer C3200 with 6x external antennas.

Any AD clients?

You might have been familiar with the new wireless AC standard that works @5GHz band, but this AD standard is working @60GHz band. Are there any wifi adapters based on this wireless AD yet?

There have been around various models of wifi AC USB adapters in the market today such as D-link DWA-192 AC1900 USB adapter, TP-link Archer T9UH or Asus USB-AC68.

Mostly new high end laptops come with wireless AC standard that works @5GHz band, and much more high end Smart-phone and other mobile devices which are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 or high end Mediatek processors come with built-in wireless AC adapter.

What about wireless AD, is there any wireless AD devices available in the market so far? Not yet, but you can find new Acer TravelMate TMP648 laptop series have been ready with this WiGig adapter (802.11AD). In the coming years, there might come various models of devices built with this wireless AD technology.

TP-link Talon AD7200

TP-link Talon AD7200

Main features

  • Based on latest wifi technology 802.11AD with total bandwidth up to 7200Mbps
  • Simultaneous three band router speeds up to 800Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, 1733Mbps on the 5GHz band, and 4600Mbps on the new 60GHz band
  • Three distinct wifi network – wireless N @2.4GHz; wireless AC @5GHz; and wireless AD @60GHz
  • MU-MIMO technology for multiple clients connection simultaneously
  • Beamforming technology
  • 8x external high performance antenna can be folded inward, 1x internal antenna
  • Powered by 1.4GHz dual core processor
  • Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 4x LAN and 1x WAN ports
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports

To learn more spec details and manufacturer’s description:

Click here TP-link Talon AD7200 and current price in Amazon.

The bad thing with this blazing speed wireless AD standard is the short distance range, you can only place the AD-based device in line of sight (LOS). It cannot penetrate the wall like existing wireless N and AC network.

talon ad7200

Talon AD7200 Interface ports


When your wireless AD clients are not ready yet, TP-link Talon AD7200 router is work like those high speed two band routers such as TP-link Archer C2600, TP-link Archer C3150 router, or Netgear Nighthawk X4S. You can actually disable the “60GHz band” via configuration menu, and you get two bands with speeds up to 800Mbps @2.4GHz and up to 1733Mbps @5GHz band.

Talon Vs Archer C3150

Now, with the absence of wireless AD band your Talon router is not much better than those two band routers. Compare with TP-link Archer C3150 which delivers speeds up to 1,000Mbps @2.4GHz band and up to 2,167Mbps @5GHz band. See that Archer C3150 is technically faster than Talon without AD.

Click here to learn more spec details Archer C3150

Talon Vs Nighthawk X4S

It seems it is not fair comparing the fastest Talon AD7200 with wireless AC2600 router. when you disable the wireless AD network, your Talon will not be faster than Nighthawk X4S. Netgear X4S delivers speeds up to 800Mbps @2.4GHz and up to 1733Mbps @5GHz band. See that the Talon AD7200 with wireless AD is disable is almost the same speed as Nighthawk X4S.

Click here to learn more details Nighthawk X4S


TP-link Talon AD7200 wireless AD router is the first and the greatest router based on 802.11AD standard, a wireless AD router with distinct three bands @ 2.4GHz, @5GHz and @60GHz band delivering total bandwidth of up to 7,133Mbps. Unfortunately there is still not available wireless AD adapters in the market but couple of laptop model with built-in WiGig adapter.

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