Our Picks for Best Fire TV Stick Bluetooth Headphones

It is good option to choose the Amazon Fire TV Stick, as you can watch TV shows and movies but also has other features built-in.

With such one, you can pair with other devices such as keyboards, wireless speakers, and headphones.

Using headphones can be an advantage in many situations from not bothering a partner or just able to hear better.

With that in mind here is our picks of the best headsets to use with a Fire TV Stick. As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a set is the right unit for you.

They are a mid-range unit so while not top of the line thy wont break the bank, and are much better than ht many low cost units available.

Pairing them is easy with the Fire Stick by going to Settings–>Controller & Bluetooth Devices–>Other Bluetooth devices. The Fire Stick will start scanning for Bluetooth devices. The Archeer settings button is held for 5 seconds with puts it into Bluetooth mode.

They are a nice unit with good sound and a over-ear design that block out unwanted noise.

Sony makes the SBH60 Stereo Headset that also works great with the Fire TV Stick.

Our Picks for Best Fire TV Stick Bluetooth Headphones

They are a over-ear set so they keep noise in and help block outside noise. The batter life is around 7-8 hours and the sound quality is very nice.

Small sleek and stylish they are a mid-range unit that has a good price for the value.

For those on a budget and looking for a good set the Kinivo BTH240 work very well with the Fire Stick at a low cost.

They have a 10 hour battery life and can be used up to 33 feet away like most Bluetooth devices.

If your on a budget than they are worth a look and a good buy for the money.

Our Picks for Best Fire TV Stick Bluetooth Headphones


Using wireless headphones with a Fire TV Stick is a good option in many scenarios. Most often they are used to not bother a partner but can also be used in many other situations.

Paring a unit is very easy and quick task that most anyone can do with limited skill.

If you have a old set around than they likely will work since the New Fire Stick uses Bluetooth 4.1 which is backward compatible with most older versions.

Some wireless headsets can have a small sound delay which often isn’t noticeable until watching a TV show or movie.

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