Review: Glam Hobby Ourlink Mini Wireless USB 802.11ac Adapter

The Glam Hobby ourlink is dual band and has a rated speed up to 1200Mbps. (867Mbps at 5GHz, and 300Mbps at 2.4GHz.)

It also is a USB 3.0 so no need to worry about USB 2.0 bottlenecking.

Ther are a dongle, instructions, and a disk with drivers in the box.
Glam Hobby Ourlink Mini Wireless USB 802.11ac Adapter

The Ourlink is compatible with Windows XP, 7, and 10. We decided to do our testing on Windows 10.

Plugging in the dongle Windows 10 found it without having to install the drivers with the correct chipset. We installed the latest drivers to be sure.
device manager driver details
Always install the drivers since the wrong driver can greatly reduce a adapters speed and reliability.

2.4Ghz Wireless-N Test
The first test we did was on the 2.4Ghz Wireless-N side of the dongle. The router is a Trendnet 80211ac router placed 10 feet away with a clear line of site.

Using it maxes out our ISP at 48Mbps down, and 5Mbps Up.
2-4 ghz speed test

The next test of the 2.4 GHz was computer-to-computer on our internal network. The computers didn’t have SSD drives so we copied to a USB 3.0 USB flash drive.

In this test it ran at a solid 98MBps download speed.
2-4 ghz speed test sd card

5 GHz Wireless-AC Test
On the 5 GHz side we couldn’t get it to show up as a Wireless-AC dongle and it stayed as a Wireless-N.

We reinstalled the driver and restarted the computer and router and it still stayed on Wireless-N. We are still doing test on this to be sure it is not our Windows 10 machines or 802.11ac router.

The speed was 98Mbps on our internal network computer-to-computer.
5 ghz side speed test

The Glam Hobby Ourlink mini wireless USB adapter ran at almost a 100Mbps down in our test which is good for such a small dongle.

We did have problems connecting the 5GHz side to show up as 802.11ac unit. We are still testing it out to see if it is in our equipment or not.

For the price it is a solid WiFi dongle and would be a good replacement for a broken laptops internal WiFi card or even as an upgrade.

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