UAP-AC-LITE Ubiquiti Vs TP-link EAP245

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE is one of most popular wireless ac access point products either for homes or small to enterprise businesses due to its simple management with its Unifi controller software.


Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE is international version of wireless AC access point in addition of its US version UAP-AC-LITE-US which both have the same technology – based on wireless AC1200 access point delivering total bandwidth of up to 1200Mbps simultaneous dual band. This is the lite version of Ubiquiti Unifi AP lines of products, and the ultimate version is Ubiquiti UAP-AC-HD wireless AC access point one of best wireless AC access point for businesses.


Lower budget

The UAP-AC-LITE is  the economical budget product for starting the wifi network for small businesses with lower clients density, and can be scaled up easily by adding large APs or adding the ultimate version UAP-AC-HD. Ubiquiti lines of Unifi AP products come with Unifi controller software to let you easily manage any scale of wifi network across multiple sites centrally, remotely via the cloud.

The other competing product is one of TP-link EAP series – TP-link EAP-245 with AC1750 technology. This product is also one of best seller products for businesses with economical budget.

Comparison Ubiquiti Vs TP-link

Both Ubiquiti and TP-link introduce various models of wireless N and wireless AC access point products which are targeted for small to medium business wifi network or even for enterprises with multiple sites.

Many people are wondering which product is better between Ubiquiti and TP-link since both vendors offer affordable products compared with other vendors including Netgear, Aruba or Meraki wireless access point products. See also Ubiquiti vs Linksys wave 2 AP and Cisco Meraki MR32 wireless AC AP.

The easiest way to see the differences is by presenting the spec comparison table between the two products as a start. Take a look at the following spec comparison table between most popular high rating Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE and TP-link EAP-245 wireless ac access point.

ubiquiti uap-ac-lite

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE

Table 1 Comparison Ubiquiti vs TP-link

Model Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE TP-link EAP-245
Wifi technology Based on wireless AC1200 technology

2×2 MIMO

Based on wireless AC1750 technology

3×3 MIMO

Wifi speeds 867Mbps @5GHz and 300Mbps @2.4GHz 1300Mbps @5GHz and 450Mbps @2.4GHz
Beamforming No No
Band steering No Yes
Antennas 2x 3dBi dual band 3x 4dBi dual band
Ethernet Port 1x 10/100/1000Mbps 1x 10/100/1000Mbps
POE supports Yes, Passive POE (24V) Yes, POE 802.3at (12VDC)
Power consumption 6.5W 12.7W
Physical security N/A Kensington lock
Network management Unifi controller software – manage multi sites, distributed deployment and multi-tenancy EAP controller software for centralized management
Price $99.99 $99.99


Wifi technology

Basically each of the two products are categorized at different network segment, Ubiquiti is in AC1200 while TP-link is in AC1750 network segment. The difference is the speed @2.4Ghz band, Ubiquiti with AC1200 delivers speed up to 300Mbps and TP-link with AC1750 delivers speed up to 450Mbps. While @5Ghz band, Ubiquiti delivers speed up to 867Mbps (two data streams 2×2 MIMO technology) and TP-link delivers speed up to 1300Mbps (three data streams 3×3 MIMO technology).

tplink eap245

TP-link EAP-245 AC1750 AP

The latest products are based on wireless AC2600 technology with 4×4 MU-MIMO technology delivering bandwidths of up to 1733Mbps @5Ghz plus 800Mbps @2.4Ghz band such as Linksys LAPAC2600, Netgear WAC740 and Ubiquiti UAP-AC-HD.

It seems to be unfair comparing two products in different network segment, however the price of the two products are almost the same, that’s would be a good thing for consideration.

Band steering

Both wireless ac access point products don’t support Beamforming and MU-MIMO technology, two features that mostly applied to high end wireless ac products including business class Linksys LAPAC2600 and Netgear WAC740 access points. However, TP-link EAP245 supports band steering to force dual band capable clients to connect to 5GHz cleaner band.

Network management

Ubiquiti offers powerful central controller management software to help you manage all of the Ubiquiti AP devices across multiple sites, distributed deployments and multi-tenancy via the cloud.

Similar software is also introduced by TP-link to allow you manage hundreds of EAP series products and is also efficient authentication captive portal to manage your guests to access the network.


Power consumption would be one most important lists to consider in deciding which product to choose to save the power. Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE is designed to save power consumption up to only 6.5W each unit, compared with TP-link that consummate power twice as much as Ubiquiti does.

To learn more detail about the specs, features and current price and customer rating click the link below:

  • Click here for Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE
  • Click here for TP-link EAP-245


Ubiquiti EAP-AC-LITE is one of best business class wireless ac access point products available in the market today with its powerful and intuitive Unifi controller software to allow you manage AP devices across multiple sites via the cloud. Faster product by TP-link EAP-245 is also one of its competing product you may also consider.

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