Wireless Portable Storage Options for Those on the Go

Wireless Mobile Storage Options for Those on the Go

Having a way to store data and quickly access the information is nice to have and a must for some.There are many ways to go about having a wireless mobile data setup with some low cost devices that can make life easier.Storing videos, pictures, or music while traveling can be one of those times when backing up to a home computer is not an option.Here are a few of our favorite portable data storage options.

Wireless Flash Drive
Wireless Mobile Storage Options
The drive will have a built in battery so it can communicate while on the go.A popular option is the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick which can be bought in different sizes from 32GB to 200GB.Each wireless flash drive will have a different setup so be sure to read the reviews if you go this direction.A wireless flash drive can save files by plugging it in to a USB port or transfer over WiFi.They are small and very portable which make them easy to carry about.

Portable Mobile Travel Router
Wireless Mobile Storage Options for Those on the Go 2
Portable travel routers are small routers that can have multiple WiFi connections with many different devices all sharing data.This makes them nice small units to have when away from home.They come in all types of configurations with most using a flash drive or SD-Card for storing data.A popular low cost option is the HooToo TripMate NanoSmall travel routers can also stream media to multiple devices via wireless, so one person can be streaming music while another watching a movie.Another nice feature is since they use WiFi to manage files any device with built in WiFi can connect and share data.This makes worrying about device compatibility almost non-existent, with most any phone, tablet, or computer able to connect and upload or download files.

Cloud Services
Cloud services are becoming more common with many packages available such as Amazon Drive.Using a online service is a great option as long as you have a good connection to the internet and mobile plan.If you live in a big city with good service and dont plan on traveling than this is a good option.The amount of data being transferred would obviously matter also since more data transfers cost more on cell plans.While cloud services can be great there are times when it is just not feasible or reasonable to use.If you plan on going camping or dont have a good data plan setting up your own hardware would be best and most reliable.

Wireless External Hard Drive
Wireless hard drives work much the same as wireless flash drives but with more storage space.For example the popular WD My Passport Portable Drive can hold up-to 2GB of data.This does make them more expensive than other options but with much more storage space.

Backing up and storing pictures, videos, or any data has become more important than ever.Thankfully there are many options to easily store your data quickly and reliably.Some of the options listed above are only a few ideas.If you have an old laptop laying around it can be setup to store data as a cheap solution, there are even Raspberry Pi projects for the hobbyist.Whatever hardware is used there is no doubt that it is nice to have access to your files when needed.Do you have a favorite way to backup data on-the-go? Let us know in the comments below.

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