Our Picks for Best Travel Router WiFi Hotspot

Our Picks for Best Travel Router WiFi Hotspot 2016
Portable travel routers where introduced a few years ago and quickly become very popular.
They can do many things depending on the scenario from sharing files to sharing a internet connection.
For example a travel router with built-in storage can stream movies or music to multiple devices in a vehicle while moving.
This helps keep passengers busy even when no cell signal can be received.
They also can be setup to quickly backup a smartphones files and stored away until you get home.
Managing wireless signals for many devices while on-the-go is also a feature most mobile routers have.

Here is Our Picks for Best Travel Routers

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

HooToo makes several nice travel routers that are very popular.
Some of the features include backing up data from a phone such as pictures wirelessly, streaming movies or music that has been copied to it, emergency charging for phones or other small electronics.
Best Travel Router WiFi Hotspot 2016
HoToo travel routers can broadcast a WiFi signal once plugged into a Ethernet cable, or be used in router mode and bridge mode.
HooToo TripMate Sith Portable Router, Charger, Media Streaming Device HT-TM05
With the many nice features HooToo offers there is no doubt many who can benefit from their low cost units.

TP-LINK also makes travel routers with the TL-WR810N being one of them.
The TL-WR810N is built mainly to connect to WiFi signals.
It has many modes it can operate in depending on the situation.
Even though it is mainly built for WiFi it has a USB port that a external drive can plug into and share files.
This means pictures can be shared or movies and music streamed from the device while moving in a car.
The is no built-in storage so a external flash drive or Hard drive will need to be used.

This small unit the Trek N300 is built by Netgear and is built to manage many different WiFi scenarios while travailing.
For example one feature is to use a single hotel/motel internet connection and allow many devices to share it at the same time.
Best Travel Router WiFi
Is can also be a WiFi bridge, extender, access point, hotspot, or basically any WiFi configuration you can think of.
Best Travel Router 2016
There is no built-in storage with it built to manage the many WiFi scenarios a traveler can run into.
The Trek N300 is the most costly unit on our list but is built by Netgear which is a well known name in the router world.
Picking a good travel router, like any device, comes down to what is the best fit for you.
If your main goal is to stream videos to the kids than getting a unit with built in storage and expandable external storage is a good idea.
If you want to manage your WiFi signals than a unit with more wireless features the better.
How easy the device is to use should also be taken into consideration.
Prices on the units do vary along with their capability so reading the reviews and features of different units is the best way to decide on the right one.


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