Our Picks for Best Android TV Box With a Built-in Hard Drive

Though most Android don’t have a large internal hard drive for storage, it is great at streaming online content such as videos or music. Since most content is streamed directly to the box having large internal storage has become less-and-less common.

There will be USB slots that a flash drive or external hard drive can be attached to add storage.

It ia an optipon to add a external HDD or flash drive, but it is much more simple to have a unit with a large Built HDD for storage.

The NVIDIA SHIELD is in our opinion the best unit to get, unfortunately it is also the most expensive.

There are two versions, one with 16GB internal storage, and the other with 500GB internal HDD.

Our Picks for Best Android TV Box With a Built-in Hard Drive
The Shield is hard to beat since it not only can come with a large hard drive but also a Tegra X1 processor and 3 GB of RAM.

Combined with Kodi and a good add-on it can stream online content flawlessly. The large storage allows for movies, home videos, or music to be played easily on demand.

If you have the money the Nvidia Shield is a very good option.

The Himedia Q10 PRO has a slightly different approach as it has a space for a internal HDD to be added.

While it doesn’t come with a hard drive, one is easily installed within a few minutes.
Our Picks for Best Android TV Box With a Built-in Hard Drive
It uses a standard 3.5 SATA HDD bay for easy installation of a hard drive. A smaller 2.5 inch drive can also be used as long as its not moved about a lot.

This makes it ideal for someone to install a very large 1-2 terabyte HD and have a extremely large collection.

It also plays 4k Ultra HD and has many other nice features.

There are a limited amount of android TV boxes that stream well and have a large built-in HDD for storage.

The above models are simply ones we have found so far and after using them found them to be good units.

There likely is more available, if you have found one that has a internal Hard drive and work well let us know in the comments below.

In these days of online streaming having a large built-in storage is seen as a cost issue that is not needed.

Even though streaming online is the way most get content having your own space to store your favorites is a nice option.

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