Our Picks for Best Kids Safe WiFi Routers with Parental Controls


These days the internet is a must have for any households and having control over a router to manage WiFi is a nice option.
A router can be setup in many ways to control a internet connection, from shutting it off to setting time limits.
If your a tech savvy person then your router may already have some features built-in which can be setup to manage WiFi in a home.
If your router does not have many management options, then there are several options that can help setup a wireless network with parental controls.

Our Picks for Best Kids Safe WiFi Routers with Parental Controls

The HomeHalo router comes with an app for easy management and control.
Some features include, setting time limits, blocking adult sites, and homework mode.
From blocking sites to controlling when the internet is to be used the HomeHalo has many nice features.
It comes with two external antennas for better range and communicating with multiple devices.
The back has 4 Ethernet ports if needed along with a Wlan Ethernet port that plugs into your internet modem.
The app that is included comes with a lot of options to make changes on the fly.

KoalaSafe is a small device that works with a app to control internet web sites access and usage.
It is small and seems more like a wireless access point than a router.
While it could be used as the main router is is best to use the KoalaSafe as a second kid safe router.
Using the main router for adults with a set password the KoalaSafe can plug into it and than be controlled by a parent.

This unit is a Cloud based solution that allows control from anywhere.
Features include, advanced filtering, scheduling, and pause the internet.
These days having control over your home WiFi network can be important especially when it comes to children.
There are a few ways to help manage the content they see from software blockers on their devices to child safe routers.
Time limits can be set so home work gets done or depending on the router blocking entire websites.
One thing to watch for is if a unit has a monthly fee to get certain features. Sometimes fees are added to be able to do some things which varies from manufacture-to-manufacture.
What fits one home may not fit another, so be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.


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