Our Picks for Best Portable WiFi Router for a Car When Traveling


Going on long car trips can cause issues when there is no internet especially when one person has a movie/song file another wants to hear or watch.
Mass storing all your media files and then having your own traveling portable WiFi that shares all the data to any device is possible on the cheap.
These devices have different names such as portable router, traveling router, mobile router and so on.
Whatever name they go by the main thing to look for of any router that can share files in a vehicle, is its compatibility with multiple devices, storage capacity, and charge time.
Some of these mobile routers have many other features such as connecting to your home files when a internet connection is available, or even a VPN that secures your connection.
Everyone will have a different needs from a portable router such as someone traveling with children, streaming their own movies to their own devices can easily be done.
Someone who travels a lot for business may want more storage for data, access to home data, and security such as a VPN while doing so.
One size mobile router doesn’t fit all so lets look at our picks for best portable routers.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

Our Picks for Best Portable WiFi Routers


TripMate makes many different styles of portable routers. The Titan is a follow up to their poplar Nano unit.
The Titan is a good router to add sharing data to a moving vehicle via mobile WiFi. It shares data by using a USB flash drive or Mirco Sdcard. It can also share WiFi in a hotel, secure communications, and connect to your home files.

TP-LINK also has a few different portable routers available each with different features.
The TL-WR802N is a wireless-N unit that has a transfer rate of up-to 300Mbps.
A USB drive can be plugged into it allowing for multiple streams of music or videos to anyone in the car. If you have all your media on a computer at home they can be easily transfer to a external hard drive or flash drive and after plugging into the TL-WR802N shared with any one with-in range. It also can support Router, AP, Client, Repeater and WISP.
It is a low cost unit that has many features that many will find useful.

This portable router has many features but its main feature is to share a 3G/4G mobile connection and boost the signal.

This small device from Netgear is built to boost a WiFi signal in a variety of ways. Router mode, which turns an Ethernet connection into a private WiFi hotspot network. Extender mode which extends a WiFi signal. It also has Hotspot mode and Bridge mode.

Best Portable WiFi Router For a Car When Traveling

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